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High School Musical 2 - You Are The Music In Me (Sharpay Version) Lyrics 720HD

Titan For Ever



Christmas came early


I can do that hold my beer!

Clarissa Longoria

With my first pregnancy I was really sick and I also had the pregnancy glow. I actually felt way prettier pregnant ! Lol :) and I had a BOY 💙

islam tv

give me crossbow pls

Adelita Tamayo

How about your mom did she go crazy in prison how about go and meet her pls

mathis hermans

Fool European as reservation war infant rise finger show.

Da Rookie

3-pointer followed by a Grand Slam. Strong way to end.

Stephany Orellana

Emma was so out of it lol caught her daydreaming in most of the video. Emma is iterally me lmao 😂


It was checkers from the beginning

Demon Thickler

2:14Cody - Do you know that he is a flat earth guy.Coby - which It’s crazy because its obviously spiritual. 😂😂

Jet Lee

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Zeynep Nur Saylık

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Jeevin Khunkhun

Nose job


definition of over celebration is dude perfect. not hating, just pointing how they do that, a lot.

They killed your sister

Odin Lovell

0:34 0:37. The face when your techaer catches you cheating on a test

John Appleseed

The ghost is probably a mans last name jawk that what it says on the blood so he pushed her off the cliff I guess

Jenan MYSM



Where do you find these masterpieces of music? It's so mesmerising 😍

Teodor de Medeiros

I am the Where is my cup guy and the Brings nothing guy but takes everything

dude wtf


Hey Guru i find u work very nice :) i know this is a very hard work so thanks for every video :)


wow, even game designers can't tell your and you're apart...

They just tryna kill me 'cause I have it

Andrew Dillon

tyler that bunt was absolutely atrocious

Umar Irfan

When gar dose the first one it’s so funny 🤣😂🤣😅

Lesey Xoxo

Garrets hair though I’m 4 days of 2019