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Melissa Fortes & Band - Musica Romantica

Sawyer Thorp

Number two?

Emma Oliver 48 (STUDENT)

When you realize that the beginning of this video is just Cody’s bag fallen over lol 😅🤣

Bernhard Riemann

Can I just go to college and get a major in stuff like this? I’d totally pay for that.

Royal Gamer

This is the 600ft shot!*Wow, he can join the tricks.This is the 50ft shot!*nope


I'm the dude who brings nothing but takes everything haha

Did she really sounds likes a girl???

PS don't comment that I'm showing off


The sword longclaw from jon snow is also in the witcher 3...

Clayon Gayle

Wondering when Caleb gonna hit me with dat two ads per video, at the start of the video.

#13 Brazil

Monu Caran

Car 😉😉


Thanks for these videos! I have also been a big fan of unintentional ASMR, just didn't know what to call it back in the day. Even though Poltergeist freaked me out as a little kid, I always loved that scene that you put in. Not just the soft speaking, but the warm and cozy shawl that the Parapsychologist lady was wearing. There's also another good ASMR soft spoken scene when the little psychic lady Tagina "mothers" the mom Diane to calm her down and then proceeds to tell everyone where Carol Anne "is" in the spiritual plane. It always gives me the fuzzies...but naturally before she continues on to freak us out with The Beast story. 😳😱 Dammit, Tagina! Why'd you have to go there? 😒👵

Peachy Leaf


Riolite Gamer

I though that spaceballs was a star wars parody.

Ella Icybuns

Oh I thought he broke up with her.

Paula Hornblow

I love your videos

Kelvin Andrade Goes

Oh my fucking god, how the hell do you find these things????

Taylor Hinds

Hi I’m Taylor I’m a huge fan of u and I drink 6 cups of coffee a day I sleep and try to portray my dream as a YouTuber I love u so much plz read ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


Oh well this girl needs extreme help!

Michelle Groenhuyzen

I read a lot of comments about 65 kg not being a lot of weight. But that depends on the height of a person. I was 90 kg at 12 but I was also around 175 cm tall. So I’m kinda expecting the person in the story to be around 150 cm tall. And I’m sure she looks great either way! I’m 18 y/o atm, 182 cm tall and I’m 90 kg because I lost 30 kg last year and I feel great about my body now!

Kol Levy

Selene went north. Jon Snow went north. Now it's time for Elsa to go north!

Grammar Good

Who else thinks that Ty's sweatshirt didn't look that bad?


I really like the meaning of the song. so deep. In case you don’t get it, he’s pretty much saying he’s high

savyasachi mukherjee

Dude's hair is UGLY

todo sarcasmo chicos


Hurtz Burtz

Dumbest minute video ever

Cathy Barratt

Go Coby

y es

Garrett didn't do anything


Thank you for warning me about the jumpscares :D Lel S u b b e d

-fat whale 2016

Eleanor P

You don't feel a contraction and think that's it. Your water breaks!🙄🙄😒😒😒😠

john smitty

imagine thousands of tons of this falling from the sky on your city in one night, dresden 1945

Evangeline highlight

I love these so much💗💋❤💞 NEW SUBSCRIBER

But i wished he actually atacked the player and you needed the holy hand grenade to kill it

Sumit R


Evan Asbell

Cody: "bro I'm so hungry, I can not play on a empty stomach."Tyler:" wha- we just ate 15 minutes ago!"Cody: " ahhh, dude your right, I'm thirsty."Me :🤔🤔🤔

Lucas Hasmonek

at 5:03 almost demonetized


2019 Anyone


This video is amazing. Put into words things I've not been able to.


Need more of these in my life


Marta Rozin

Nein nein nichtnehmen wir den Termin nicht mehr so lange nicht gesehen hat sich das nicht so viel Zeit und Geld sparen können Sie mir bitte eine Mail mit den anderen nicht mehr so gut wie keine Ahnung was


Kendama edition

Title of this video “A psychopath broke in my house”

Sheart 88

Anixety sucks growing up I would get nervous and as I got older I noticed my social anxiety become worst scared what I will say and how the outcome will be since sometimes I say before thinking then spend the hole day thinking about how I could have said something else even going somewhere I get anixety and fear of people judging and at school I feel so judged and have anixety went I am home that my family will find out about my sexuality the anixety that I will not be good enough or be single or alone forever if I don’t act now i know somethings like be being single and alone forever will not be true but it’s hard and the fact I can not support people good makes me feel weak

Russian Friendly Stewart

I found the Indiana Jones Easter egg like 1 hour before I watched this video