Rohit Kumar (Gutkha Bhai) New Tik Tok Musically Video | Duet With Beautiful Girls 2018 music bcbs music


Rohit Kumar (Gutkha Bhai) New Tik Tok Musically Video | Duet With Beautiful Girls 2018

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if curry is being disappointing i would take what he is producing in these games

Kevin Jeanty

It would be super funny if he fell over !

Player 4daysz

I’m pretty sure the noise when the person with a bow is about to shoot I’m pretty sure that’s from wii sports resort


They hit swagger with a plunger 😂😂


Y’all still have Ethan on here? Yikes

Arib Zahid

Bayblade trick shot

Davin Stone

Cody said @$!#

БоБ кюфте

Im the rage monster and the trash talker

Jake Marks

Oh great... More disgusting stuff from It's Always Sunny In Philly...

LaRonda Cunningham

Team ty

ZapLeap - Mobile Legends

At the very start you can see his underwear😂

1. Dig a hole

eileen&aaron R

Dude perfect should have way more subscribers than PewDeePie. They actually do cool entertaining videos, and that other guy just sits in a damn chair

Lil Juice box

Oooooh the SSD

ShadBonnie aka Henry Marcimoff

I wonder if the number to call Director Sam at the end of video is true :))


How did he miss the Arstoska reference at the market


that was a weird mix of creepy and silly


Just saw the movie it was awesome


I don't get why a guy wanting to hang out with girls and do what's considered feminine things makes him "internally a woman"?? That seems ridiculous, if you remove feminine/masculine labels from activities, everything is just an activity. Doing a set of activities should not change your gender/sex/whatever. If you are born a guy, enjoy shopping, wearing makeup, you aren't any less of a guy. Someone try to prove me wrong plz. I'm curious to hear it.

Matthew Bott

I know it’s not the best. But it’s the one I grew up with. I am happy to see this!

Ellie Toys

I suther from dislecsea😓😓😓😓😓

wica wicana

Que extraordinarias rolas 😍🤗

Shenny Parsley

Only friends only friend care about is Beauty and Fashion she don't even know her school works and I act like her up the first time that she was good and I could dance better she just have horrible voice and I'm not lying it's true and I'm black and she's buying her parents do not like me because she's her bed and I'm Jamaican and she don't like like anything because she's urbex and I like my my place better than her because at the end of the day I found a different friend everything I care about not because she always she always she always described her and said oh my God she is ugly and she feel fat and I I think she's beautiful then even heard all she care about is just nothing she don't care about friendship only thing she cares about is fashion but at the end of the day I'm bright every single time she don't listen anyting in the clock she should be in fifth grade but she was in fourth grade and she repeat again and she did every year like most years she would come and each low-grade and she got like 20 on her her exams

Sirleide Gomes Santos Da Silva



nice very nice

Tony Merla

This video was m a g i c a l

EL Nightcore

2 01 9


한국인 없냐?