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3 Classic Guitar Solos Ep.1

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Mr Airlines 2

1:00 me when the Raiders lose.

Emma Bryson


Brant Van Dyke

Why don't you use that money for veterans and first responders hurt in the line of duty.


Youtube wouldn't have continued to be the same thing if you left

John Doe

I'm surprised the building didn't magically implode on it's self. 🤤

syed aun

dude you guys are crazy..

Diamönd Föxxö/Wölf


well i for one welcome your new 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 subs, you deserve it.


The Knight Family

How does it not hurt to get your head hit with a glass bottle twice?

Caleb Rexford

2 liters of pop

Joe Bachelder

U are my favorite you tubers

Andre Falfio

So perfect


7:00 Lol'd

JoshWolfs REE

There was a guy filing them when they hitting here heads....

Jaime Tejedor Ugarte

Your editing is just... Perfection.

Tommy Sheridan

Seriously every comment is "is anyone in 2018?" Or "August 2018?" And I'm like I JUST WANNA SEE COMMENTS ABOUT THE VIDEO

my parents are the ones telling me they'd put me up for adoption😓 and ppl mad that they're adopted :/

Green Scorpion

U should've called this vid dad perfect