KEiiNO - Spirit in the Sky (OFFICIAL Music Video) music music


KEiiNO - Spirit in the Sky (OFFICIAL Music Video)

Official Music Video of Norway's ESC entry Spirit in the Sky by KEiiNO.Find it on and for more info .P&C Hugoworld ASDirector: Martin SofiedalProducer: Alice AsplundDancer: Kyle PatrickActor: Cecilie SvendsenSpirit in the Sky is composed and written by Tom Hugo, Alexander Olsson, Henrik Tala, Fred Buljo, Rüdiger Schramm and Alexandra Rotan. Produced by Henrik Tala. Published by BMG Rights, Hugoworld AS, Warner Chapel Finland, Boomtime Songs.CREW:Knut Svanes Lunde (A-photo)Vetle Strøm (Editing)Thomas Myrseth & Melvin Østensen (VFX)Leander Havik (B-photo) Studio ALF (Hair and makeup)Therese Grønlund (Scenography)Vibeke Larsen Maltun (Costumes)Erik Aanonsen Løken (Light)Erlend Mannsåker Roald (Prod.ass)Lasse Ibsen Thun (lys.ass)Veronika Høyer (Prod.ass)Fredrik Wold-Hansen (Innspillingsleder)Extras: Magnus Støa, Malin Husvik, Cato Ingebrigtsen, John Sverre Nergaard, Jostein Vedvik, Elisa Karlsen


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