Relaxing Music For Children with Dinosaurs 🦖 Positive Music, Calm Music, Study Music music music


Relaxing Music For Children with Dinosaurs 🦖 Positive Music, Calm Music, Study Music

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Christine Iwudyke

This story made me cry

Carl Reiner del Castillo

I HOPE THAT YOU CAN READ THIS. I'm your fan from the Philippines and I want to watch your concert but I can't make it due to the distance. Sorry Austin and Kathryn :( The reason that you're my favorite youtubers is that, you're true to what you say and you always make my day wonderful. MORE POWER! 🥰🥰🥰


Garret ws the panda


Guru I have an Easter egg that is in the Fallout 4 pip boy app! In the atomic command holotape game you have to defend American landmarks and one of them is the big "Welcome to fabulous Las Vegas" sign but it is damaged and spells out "N3w Vegas" an obvious reference to Fallout: New Vegas. If you do end up using this because of my comment please mention me in the description.

Jacob Witmer

I'm suprised you didn't include the nut shot scene from casino royale!

Football mind

Running race

Jaihzel Lei Soto Failana

Before, my grandma died. I was already broken, she was the only one that can give me a smile. When she died, I got even broken. Sometimes, my mom will try to talk to me but I always yell at her. I couldnt control my emotions, I realized I was hurting so many people. So I stoped talking, I would act fine around my mom and hide those cuts. The next think I knew I was writing a suicide letter, but I’m fine now. I threw the letter last month. I was at the bridge, but it felt like someone stopped me. So I would go there everyday, no day worked.

Paul-Emile JEAN

Who would like to have an air plane like them ?


apsara n

Go underwater

rishik folder

Flip a truck

Devil Angel

my sister is the sunlight shocker and I'm a loud eater


The wake island thanks letter... so heart warming

aman 007


Me: I will get a knife

The Eagle

Literally i got goosbumps when keanu Reeves showed up

James Brent

I thought he was going to shoot the ball for a second there.Haha!

The One Who Almost Knows

Thank you for your videos, you guys make me more and more aware of the world around me


I did see it

Ronny Ramirez

Why? Nip . I can't understand why homie. Out of all people nip. I use to listen to this man's tracklist all the way from forever on some fly shit ..... N then to mailbox money.... On repeat... True great influence gone. This man brought great wisdom n influence to the world forever live on Nip. Life is Life.....

Your Nightmare

Dodge More NFL training

Andrew Murphy