Marina and the diamonds - Starring role LYRICS music music


Marina and the diamonds - Starring role LYRICS

Enjoy :) My frist video upload haha :D


I started a petition to help convincing Rockstar to add shoulder swap (when you aiming down a weapon, being able to switch the angle of the camera) in GTA V and GTA Online. If you'd like this to be in the game please sign and share it!

FallenStorm Clan

Why is this in my recommendations five years later??

Leon K

THX! love u guys

Roger Martinez

Garrus? Did i hear Garrus before the Grow Home easter egg?

Clarisa Arbizo


1000 Subs With 0 Videos?

Rest in peace, tim.

ifaj rahman

these rockets are the best

pikito channel



i dont get number 4 with flash

Hawo Hassan


droneboy1129 the gamer

I have this song

D3rp W0lf

The saving private Ryan Easter egg was also present in the world at war mission "semper fi" (can't spell) in which you have to save a solder from burning to death named pvt. Ryan

Kshitij JAIN

The panda literally rejected you guys

Daniel Lopez

Finding memo

Mitchell Hodges

I’ll never like another smosh video since they turned to shit. As soon as they stopped started their videos with “shutupppp” I gave up on smosh

Dilnoza Eshmatova

BTS has joined the chat

Flame Blitz

The true plot: when she ran back to the water, an aquatic ant man crawls up her... you know what I mean, right?

Anime Watcher

So the United States is not a functioning democracy because citizens hate neo nazis.

Brian Delong

2019 I’m in

Simaira Gale

I don't hate gay people I just don't like their sexual preferences and believe that God does not create people to hate them

Joe GamingX

Sweet vid :)

Vadim Levko

you guys should do eating faceoff

Unknown Buck

0:52 really?

Brian Reesor

That tv costs 1000000000000 dollars


I dont think you mentioned it... but in Uncharted 3 you see a newspaper about a fungal infection. IN. THE. BAR.

Itz Deathstroke

This will be Game of the Year for sure!

Joziahs world of toys


Corey Cullom

The double flipper

Queen_Delphie - Play With Me! :D


Helen M

MARBLES AND I HAVE THE SAME BIrTHDAY omg this is literally the best day of my life

Jan gaming

my crush called me ugly😞😞😞😭😭😭