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BAD JOKE CHALLENGE - Try Not to Laugh!

We’ve written over 800 sketches for Studio C and now we’re putting all that energy into new shows and content set to launch in January. We decided to take a quick break from writing/filming to bring you our latest challenge… to see if we can keep ourselves from laughing at the dumbest jokes… and we failed a lot.Check out more fun behind the scenes moments on our Insta: exclusive content/perks/conversations? Check us out on Patreon:

Emmi Rose

Edward scissor hands is a phat mood

Rin Maxim

Honestly, Why can't life be cheaper...?

Rhythm Chandolia

Flip a iphone

my friend:i havent showerd in a month

wolfy chu candy

My causen has a problem her/his baby she couldn't have the baby but she's only 18 it was sad.

Justin Wright

he had gloves with the tennis balls....

Aaron Chung

(4:55) his face tho


The last one was the best!!!

minecrafter 989

fuck you, not even baseball


ND - Nathan Drake



Nicole Vlogs

A lot happens on June 21st and it's all good first this, then I get my cute little puppy 🙌

Avery Armstrong

Come one ty

Mano Hanif

I happy for u that u got a good life after all that


valve and rockstar eastereggs was awsome.

Rebecca reminds me of Ethel from “I love Lucy” in a great way 😀

DaBinBin Gaming

wait hockey is a tailgate gamedream come true

Fred schoenmaker

I Love💖 DP

faye faye

Those 18 dislikes are the ones that dont care

LuckyCandycane 199

Me: I have back pain

man hei kwok

0:36 Link only looks at Zelda when she is reading from the wall ...

João Nogas

2:18 is that a piness ?

fuck off please

what anime is it?

Yummy Beats

If only they knew the use of a cricket bat.

Viraj Patel


Gacha Stories

i became a gold digger

Eric Knutson

funny !!!

Tomer Litany

you are amazing your videos are amazing and really fun to watch

Thank you

jp sherron

I love dude perfect there so amazing to watch


Haha nice shot!! It was like a curveball

uwu owo

the fact that they both chose places who help w cancer and such really warms my heart

My parents wont do anything to stop people from bullying me

James Wabel


F1r3rst0rm seal

who wouldn't like dude perfect


I like twin team

Mayaba Sanoe


WarShock12 Gt

Poor jake

Matt Rocco

There is no sound in space because there is no air which means no medium for the sound to travel through because sound is a mechanical wave which needs a medium to travel through

Mark zukenberg (Let the fight begin)