Latest & Best of Bollywood Party Songs 2017-18 | New Year Party Songs 2018 | New Year Spacial music music


Latest & Best of Bollywood Party Songs 2017-18 | New Year Party Songs 2018 | New Year Spacial

This is the Compilation of Best & Latest Hindi Songs 2017. To get these songs, Visit : SUBSCRIBE and stay connected for unlimited fun and entertainment.of Top 20 songs of New year songs Jukebox :-1. Lahore - Guru Randhawa2. NaJa - Pav Dharia3. Pallo Latke - Jyotica Tangri, Vicky Raja Shaikh, Hardik Acharya, Yasser Desai, Fazilpuria4. Ban Ja Rani - Guru Randhawa - Tumhari Sulu5. Mehbooba - Neha Kakkar, Yasser Desai - Fukrey Returns6. Swag Se Swagat - Neha Bhasin, Vishal Dadlani - Tiger Zinda Hai7. Suit Suit - Guru Randhawa8. Disco Disco - Shirley Setia, Benny Dayal9. Sweety Tera Drama - Pavni Pandey, Dev Negi, Shraddha Pandit, Pravesh Mallick10. High Rated Gabru - Guru Randhawa11. Chalti Hai Kya 9 Se 12 - Neha Kakkar, Dev Negi - Judwaa 212. Move Your Lakk - Diljit Dosanjh, Badshah, Sonakshi Sinha - Noor13. Ding Dang - Antara Mitra, Amit Mishra - Munna Michael14. Lift Teri Bandh Hai - Anu Malik - Kadhal Desam15. Piya More - Neeti Mohan, Mika Singh - Baadshaho16. SunDowner - Avi J17. Mein Tera Boyfriend - Neha Kakkar, Arijit Singh, Meet Bros - Raabta18. Tamma Tamma Again - Badshah, Anuradha Paudwal, Bappi Lahiri - Badrinath ki Dulhania19. Patola - Bohemia, Guru Randhawa20. Hawa Hawa - Mika Singh, Prakriti Kakar - MubarakanPlease Note : We are not the copyright owners of this songs, we are just promoting it and we encourage people to buy these songs and strictly against piracy.===============LIKE | COMMENT | SHARE | SUBSCRIBEEnjoy Listening and stay connected with us!!Subscribe to Bollywood Musicus on Facebookyour song or Video Promotions:bestmusicjukebox@gmail.comAny of you can contact us for Music opportunity and show your talent to world through our platform.Or Leave a Request on our FB Page

Carter Griffith

1:26 worst thing that ever could happen. I had a monster walleye and the line snapped! I screamed

Sammy Beck

Victor cruz

Achilles Jade Desamito

Dude perfect vs characte in power ranger teletubbies

Evan G

One week. The games been out one week.

choco pops

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Hugo Nickel

I like the part that you smash the menianthat was so funny


The threepeat!

Ash Kesh

Drinking too much is not at all a good idea mostly when yr parents are not present....because not all friends are good....


She thinks she was mean?? Girl, you have no idea what would I do! Of course, my world would fall apart, but I would take everyone with me to this hell (I mean my bf and his mistress). I never understood cheating, if you think about this then already finish your relationship, because cheating is more painful than breaking up or divorcing. At least for me.

Sarah D

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He specifically asked for her day job. So whats her night job?


2017 😁


that was BADASS!!!

Zero Two

Ganons brother Negon


anyone watching in 2045?

Demie12 Gr12

We are all beautiful

Erik Markovčić

3:13 behind him at the door😂😂😂




I've seen some leaks and the movie's pretty dark. They journey north to discover the origin of Elsa's power and it includes some shit about ancient prophecies and something about a Elsa's destiny to be the one true Queen who will restore peace to lands beyond Arendelle. But they are warned about some Fire Witch that will destroy Elsa. As they journey north, they free some slaves and some eunuch assassins and they all pledge support for Elsa. Meanwhile, back in Arendelle, Prince Hans is masterminding some coup, helped by the Duke of Weselton. They conquer Arendelle. Elsa realizes her true power, and becomes really fucking powerful, while Anna realizes that she has the power of fire. Fearing that she is the Fire Witch, Anna, tries to kill herself, but her suicide attempt is cut short by some creatures. The creatures "kills" Kristoff but it seems like Anna's power of "fire" can also restore life or shit like that. Something's off with Kristoff though. Elsa and the team come back to Arendelle only to find the whole fucking shebang Hans has made, and she wages an all out war against all of them. Elsa makes an Ice Dragon and freezes Hans' forces while the former slaves and the eunuch assassins clash swords with the Duke of Weselton's forces. Hans doesn't want to surrender, but the Duke of Weselton rings the bells anyway. Elsa though, is triggered after she discovers that the Hand of the Queen, who was also her lover, was also part of the coup, and that this guy was willing to help Hans because he's gay for Hans. Elsa starts freezing all of Arendelle with her dragon, killing even the innocent. Hans tries to escape with his twin brother who is also his lover, but they are killed by bricks. Anna is horrified by her sister's shit.After the shitfuckery, Elsa makes a weird Nazi-esque speech while the cinematographers flex their muscles with the dragon and stuff. Anna is told by Kristoff that he's not Kristoff anymore. He's something else now. And he says he can see stuff and he sees a future with Elsa fucking the world over with a long ass winter. So Anna decides to kill her sister. In the throne room, Elsa bitches about how their parents died too early so nobody taught her how to count past twenty. She moves like Viserys Targaryen. Anna hugs her sister, and she plunges a knife unto Elsa's chest. Anna is stricken by grief. Elsa's dragon finds Elsa dead and kills Anna with his icy breath, which Anna accepts because guilt.Kristoff who is not Kristoff, is hailed as the new king by the people. He actually planned this whole shit to happen because the real Kristoff is dead and his body is now occupied by some ancient evil that wanted to rule the world and knew that Elsa and Anna were his greatest obstacle. END.

Madeline Crerand

That's what happens when you JINX thing god darn...

Space Goblin

My dad has It but refuses to believe his physiologist. He thinks psychology is a scam to get people on drugs and he thinks he’s the smartest most sane person around. I’ve had to cut ties with him because of his erratic, abusive, and sometimes violent behavior caused by BPD. Because of what my father put me through I always do everything to avoid people with BPD as I don’t trust them or their intentions. I’m trying to be more open minded to them and try to understand them better but it’s hard being a victim of one. His is severe though and he also is a narcissist so I think he might be worse then even regular BPD