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Uniquee Waves

Prayers for KD. He played with so much heart and destroyed his body for not only his team but for the same people who ridicule and call him soft. I’m not a warriors fan but after tonight I never want to hear someone call this man soft again. Congrats on the win dubs

Cecil S.

I legitimately started crying a little seeing Bunny getting nosy and involved. She's getting so brave and i love her so much ;_;


No surprise there where Gta 5 at the top spot,did anyone else notice in Gta San Andreas there the Moutain when you come at night a dozen planes will try to fall toward you,and if you manage to survive all that and you reach the top peak of the mountain you will see a weird RV, a parachute and some blood stain


6:09 - HODOR


3:04 lol

wig flown

I'm mean, if you're gonna send a nude, cut out your face..

brigita lazar

Tell as ho is the penda plz tell

Mark .B



basically he raped it

Toby Hutchison


Charlotte Horstmann

This voice is damn annoying

Cookie_doe _bro

Your gonna be a teacher but u dont like kids😂

Jessica Foster


Corey Frank

My question is if they will confirm Elsa is actually Rapunzel's sister.

Logan McEwen

what do you mean by unused?

Alex Watters

Winchester brothers from supernatural vs Buffy and willow from Buffy the Vampire Slayer

The wrong Way

Anyone watching in 2019 drop a like oooh wait

The Real Pidge

to bad the game sucks ass

GSD Legendxz

0:00 to 0:06 . Is that Halo?

Nikita Krivorak

I love panda 🐼

Clarfan 13


Kpooper Things

Okay yup i now have confirmation that I’m an introvert

Bayu Mulyawarman

What DP

Gage Miller

Do more stereo videos their so funny


Who’s here after Bowling Trick Shots 2?

Toff Toff

couldn't stop smiling :) well done Hila, you really are a champ

%Frosty Kimchi%

What BTS MeAn

Chris Chavez

15 bounces


Yo dad a mf pyschopath.


Dildo or ditto

Inghild Nåden

R.I.P Gustav ☃️⛄️😢🥶

Rebecca Wells

Truly inspirational and said in a way I can understand thank you! You should be very proud of yourself!

oof hockey