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Drake - Hotline Bling

Hotline Bling (Official Video)Available for download here! Share/Stream “Hotline Bling” on Spotify: by Director XProduced by Evan LandryEdited by Laura McMillanProduction Company: Creative SoulMusic video by Drake performing Hotline Bling.© 2015 Cash Money Records Inc.


"He needs to retire"

Diogo David


Jacob Wilson

for number 8, you can do the same exact damn thind while holding a weapon drop pod and hitting the inside of the elephent

raghunath k2


demetri sheffield

This shit go crazy

Francisco Villagran

Amo a el jungkook soy mujer y si soy army

my name eh Jeff

your videos are great dude!!! i love watching your videos! your editing skills are amazing!!! keep it up! I will continue watching in this upcoming year!! :)


Anna hit puberty

Happyhobo_ Lana

Bruh I can’t stand stormi’s cuteness ugh!!!!😩


Sometimes youtube automatically sets it at 360p or less according to availability, and that will make the quality shitty. Most people won't think to check what youtube has set it to, so they'll then think the uploader is the one with the shit videos.

Gear Up

awesome stuff guys. soo cool. CHECK OUT MY CHANNEL please. i also do trick shots. please subscribe if u like. hope u enjoy.

Unicorn galaxey Power



Haha the gearstick handle was a pokeball



Paulo Guilherme Goldner

the first is awesome i image its lord of the rings 

Greta Soblinskaite

I laughed way to much during this video

Elijah M.

Hey, i have a Easter Egg request for ya... can you do Warcraft or Alice through the looking glass?

wedew ada Wibukers



Why did they bleep out bullying like WHAT!!!

In life moments come and go


I came here bc this is on my Recommended

Sir Matthews

That part of toy story had my eyes glued 😩😂

Dominant Shark Squad

Y e s

Yandel Prado

Almost cried


Came here to say this video was beautifully edited. Great work


Don't start using your voice in your videos, I've been watching your videos for around 2 years and I find it a lot more entertaining to watch you showcase Easter eggs with just text then it is for me to watch someone else yell at me about whatever Easter eggs they are showing.


Korbin H

What do you do when they tell you there’s no reason to be sad, or that they haven’t ever been depressed so you shouldn’t be either?

Karoumi Gaming

Another normal video


We know your name all the way in the Caribbean

The fortnite Noob

Plz tell us who panda is

#L0ve 2459

These people are horrible ... I'm a tomboy...May God bless the good people in this world that are beautiful on the inside because Thats what counts!😄

Gabriel Martins De Avellar Pires

Brazil is the best country in the world, anyone can argue with that

Apol GamerReacts

When I went to a hospital like that. My nurse said: "If you ever come back here you won't be aloud to go to group activities. You'll be locked in your room." Some hospitals aren't that nice.. /: Some aren't understanding.. ..

Lourdes Pineda

Wow so nice


Man: I am the richest person in the world.


You should do a backflip

Jen Bullard



This is like me but I went there in the metal hospital 3 time and I may go again but who knows but the last time I when to the metal hospital had changed me for being a sad girl who thinks nothing will change to a happy girl who looks at the bright side sometimes I need help but it ok we improved or we don’t but that how we all learn :)

Schafer Cunningham

Looks fantastic! Hope it's as good as Reach

SugerWolf 131


#anime Queen

i really love your story's

erlinda yu

ihateyou wtf cody

Tyce Dahlberg

They've come so far 😳

james Pitt

Wasn't sure if I wanted to watch until I saw the video headline. Thanks for being considerate, and of course for the great content.

Ely Krupinski

Go to woodward

Irtisum Ejaj

Your dad is not Goki whe is vegeta


Did anyone else cry or at least tear up???

Moony edits

Wait did she died?

Karina Loves Billie Eilish

POOR LITTLE ABUSED DOG! That’s what it took from me to want to slap her parents in the face

Ljs Scarth

fond it

Random Bandit

God that's an old meme

Monkey Maniac

Did he call panda Elton?

Mayushart 2131

Tyler will win any time

motivational videos

Where is criket


Blueberry Poptarts

Pedro Brandão Rossini

Grunts running everywhere

Jazzmyn Berrelles

I want some soooooo bad but I'm just a kid I dont got money

Daniel _vams

All of you are very smart. I like you all

Top notch quality man, keep them coming!

Life is after all, too short to worry, yet too long to linger on it. If you give up on your life, it will soon stake you in economical issues, future children suffering because of your unwillingness of moving forward from past, and studying/working, and bringing forward that same inherited intelligence your parents, grandparents, perhaps even your ancestors shared in your culture, way of life and growing. Death is that gives out the balance for life, as that one minute video said, death is feared yet life is taken granted. I began to live up to that thought and appreciate life and honor death the way it is.

Me: Wot😑


I`m the Fish Kisser