Dance Major Reacts: Seventeen [Clap, Getting Closer] kpop dance practice reaction music vizazi music


Dance Major Reacts: Seventeen [Clap, Getting Closer] kpop dance practice reaction

So many recommendations for Seventeen! I react to two dance practices and give my thoughts. Hope you enjoy!Find me on Instagram:

Timo Kuronen

Nice video! However, the water need to produce one car sounds way too little. If the water need for mining of iron and other minerals, producing steel, plastic, tyres and other car components are added up, the figure could be much bigger than 39,090 litres. I've read that producing one tonne of steel requires 75,000 gallons or over 280,000 litres of water. (And one typo in texts: 24,000 LEADERS to produce 1 kg of chocolate... ;-) )

Nnt Aplus

No game for me

I'm Shah

@ 3:58 you can see an attempt gone wrong and a pencil was stuck in the basket ball hoop. 🤣 😂🤣

The Snappey

that father was a frickin pedophile

Lil Nate

I love the rage master for every single one. Lol

Shahiq _Z


Drawing Wif peachy

I’m watching in 2018 😂😂



Aaron Worley

...i do favor the Original Blooming Onion over wanna be's

Elliot Garney

The largest trick shot

Nie Ciekawy Kanał

Lil Skies-Death Note feat. Gnar & Craig Xen

Death: second thought

Julio Ramirez

The next juul


shouldnt the therapy on this disorder focus on bringing all the alters together? so she will remember everything and no longer split?

Ian Kuhl

Hey this is too real


Well, if NDI is on *N*athan *D*rake's holster, I would assume...

Daniel Cárdenas

There's one in the airport of the south island where a privateer is playing William Tell(sort of)with a civillian.

Juan Gomez

Cody sucks b***s

MarTin ShorLux

I feel as if this video is full of bias

Grim Moth

Sooooo who else thinks this sounds like emirichu?

UNknown MAN

The guy who made the pictures sure loves colors

Athena Onyx

I'm in love with a borderliner. I tried so hard for over a year to make it work. I still want to but I feel like I have to stop. At first I thought I was the luckiest girl in the world. But, he got progressively worse. First, he picked fights with me over nothing. He treated me bad and then accuse me of being everything he was to me. If I didn't do everything he asked me to do he would accuse me of not trusting and respecting him. First, it was hour long lectures. Then just breaking up with me over petty stuff. and wanting me back a day later. Then breaking his stuff. Then breaking my stuff. Kicking my car door to the point that it wouldn't close right. He wrecked my car and totaled it. He spent his money as fast as he could and really made it difficult for me to have a job, so, we spent most of the year homeless. We tried roommate situations and he was kicked out usually before the month was over. I was told I could come back but he wasn't even allowed on the property about 4x by four different roommates. And, the funniest thing is his good side is so wonderful and know that if I wasn't living in another city I would be in danger of taking him back if I saw him again. God, I wish I could save his light from his darkness.

Sean Karsten

Cody and cory lameo

Alex Mercer

I feel like the first easter egg was by HISHE (How It Should Have Ended)

Judah Benhur

3:41 most epic squirt i have seen....i want to do this, but i have 4 slipped discs and a stomach of gas.


I want to see your Steam library


Best DP Video I’ve ever seen!! Those cameos were priceless😂😂

Priyanka Kushwaha

Hey, dudes plz play with Rc helicopters

Radioactive Spike

What camera did y’all put in the rocket?

Chakras Aura

Out of all the episodes of Easter Eggs you have made, which one is your favorite? :D

My friend I'm can die for harry potter

Harshil tech

Knights of columbus dale


Yeah I was going to put that in but I'm not really sure If you can call that an Easter Egg.

Yasmin Vickery

i think i got miked personalitys

heck buy all the self defense items


1:06 go north, Jon Snow

The Growth Merge

Is that your own music? Can you add your own music?

Jett Palacpac

I kinda feel you. Its real tough right now, not many games had come up yet. Easter eggs are getting harder to come by. I've always watched your videos and I quite like them. Keep up the great work man

shooting star

Go hawks

William Rose

I’m on hospice care right now and have about 6 months to live since I have stage 4 lung and spine cancer.

dynamic game

Ni se como llegue aquí pero esta buenísimo

R How

445,000th like on this video! (:

Sawyer S

Did anyone else notice the crack backboard in the first trickshot

Mbahe Tahta

Apek vidione

Haley Muelrath

“But that never stopped me from making the biggest food chain” 2. Pour gasoline on him

Jordan Lowrance


Cole Nielsen

hey can u guys watch my sick shot i made... go to,"attempting dude perfect,"... thanks!!!!

Chandler Bing

World of Warcraft has about 100..