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Legion LegacyDMK

Stairs : *Exists

Sadesh Naidu

Garrett's fall was really really funny .


Oh I love the last dress!! My favourite

Victoria Correro

Omg the intro almost gave me a heart attack I got a headache and then I got scared



Snow The inkling

Brother:let’s play our secret little game

Rahul Agrawal

Hey dude come in NBA

gacha unicorn

I'm teen

Oh lynch

Zacstr 111

This is so true my friends grandma was happy jolly person she died at 104 yrs old


Not gonna lie but this is a good skit

and i find myself ugly my mom says i look pretty even though all moms say that :/

mikemations 13


Weirdo 246

My ex never tried in the relationship I had with him, what made it worse is that he was my best friend before. We were together for 5 months and never saw each other because of his grades being bad, it would be different if he changed when it first popped up. But he made the same mistake many times and when I ran out of excuses for him. I realized that if he wasn’t gonna try in school to even see me then how time was gonna waste on him and problems he caused himself. Plus he never held my hand or said I love you first in public and I finally quit on him and I wasn’t gonna waste another second him. Now I feel strong for doing it, and I learned from it.

Jon Sneau

The director is a huge weeb it seems


When all you needed was the thumbnail 😻

Charlotte Williamson

Like a fear bit of my friends are Indian and I have like 5-9

Giovanny orelov

Crossbow forte pra caralho..

Egore 5

do a darts trick shot video

Keenan Johnson

They are so awkward In this video

Serein icides

i hope my mama see this. ☹️

simon sodusta

I almost broke into tears. That was both a happy and sad story.

Francisco Lopez



great job.would u please do some basketball thos are awsome but these are funny

Doki Doki

Dynamax Squirtle


My sister was 4 months early too..

crew gaming

My dad passed it was sad.


Omg this is so scary I can’t let my kids watch this😱😱😱



Rainbow Koala

This made me cry but I also felt inspired

Lily White

This is even better than the first!

jgaming 367

they actually said fuckie

怠け者 Potato

Juliane is actully spelled julianne like my friends name

daniel faulkner

Dude perfect axe throwing

vitor santos martins

7:40 coincidencia, meu mario esta salvado exatamente nessa fase, cheguei ontem a noite...

ikram akmal


BlaseOrpheus 686

I don't give a shit. As long as I can transfer my data and play the games I had on my previous Xbox, thats all that matters.

Allison McCarron

And now when she deleted her account it was an iPhone X

So, she was new at my school, which I won't say, because I still go there and I cannot reveal the school because I don't want strangers to find me. For the first days of school, she was a bit quiet, and shy. Until some people started to talk to her, stopping her from being shy. She was new at this school, for a 2015-2016 year. We all had fun with her, and she became my bestest friend. She was an amazing friend. But this one day, she tripped over this one bully. Let's call him Ace. Ace looked down at her, and looked at his friend. He started laughing, and said "Hey, watch where you're going!" And this was the start.. of my friend being bullied. I went over to stop them, and they started with me too. I told the counsler.. the principal... the teachers.. my parents. Everybody I could ever know. They stopped bullying. But then they started the online bullying with secret accounts. If they got their IP banned, they'd just use a VPN and make another secret account. This cyberbullying needed stopping... I didn't know how to stop it.... I told Ace's parents about this. They realized what he was doing. He got his electronics taken away until he could stop bullying this girl. I saw him saying sorry, and he asked if they could be friends. Lilac said no at first. But Ace came everyday, doing anything he could to get with this girl. Lilac was actually in a deep depression.. it hurt me, just as much as it hurt her. I gave her a new phone, with music that would play on it. Here's the actual video I sent her


Good choice of cut-scenes; BAD choice of music. Good video, though.

Waliyah Khan

wait at the beginning she said that her father killed himself but then said that he ripped down all the baby stuff witch means he is alive.