Cómo Plagiar SIN QUE TE PILLEN ft. Alvinsch | Jaime Altozano music texas music


Cómo Plagiar SIN QUE TE PILLEN ft. Alvinsch | Jaime Altozano

GO CHECK PT. 2!!Let's go to to Alvinsch's channel to talk about the compositions that inspired the Star Wars OST:LINK: the end of this video, I ask you to send me bit-made songs just like the ones Alvinsch and I "wrote", in which you show the whole process — the songs you based yours on, how you wrapped it up — through a video about your plagiarisms/inspirations. I encourage you all to join! Send me the link to your video to contacto@jaimealtozano.com, with "barbecho" as its description.WATCH IT!This video shifts back and forth between jokes and serious business.It is true that a great source of inspiration are the small things that you love.It is also true that the hybrid Chopin/Beethoven/Hisaishi is a completely valid musical concept, and if I developed it deeper (i.e. using more influences), it'd still be okay.Yet, the idea of writing pop music mixing phrases from others songs is not something I'd advise too much. It is better to be more subtle— if you're already going to extract something out of a song, let it be the concept ("I like the way this chord is solved in that cadence, let's see if I can take some of it to my chorus") rather than its literal content. We did the literal thing because... It's much more fun.If you want to help me make more videos in which you learn about music from a different perspective, you can become a Kingdom Horseman, a Council Wise Man, or a member of the Night's Guard. Each one has different advantages, such as choosing what I'll do for my next monthly video, lives and exclusive content.Everything's here:MEDIA:Twitter: Web:

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