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Chef 187 - Tuleya Tulekula [Audio] | ZedMusic | Zambian Music 2019

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ghazala kauser

me lol


Tom with shorter hair lol

4:00 IT WAS EMBARRASSING?! YOUVE BEEN GIVEN THE WORST PERSON OF THE YEAR AWARD In this movie he looks like a taxi driver


When someone slides,we don't say<>

went to Tony. Joe recognizing that Tony was having-a-moment - immediately turning

Joke of the centuries

This make me want play pupg

Latika Dhiman

where's James???? LMAO!

Cody Miller

If u do it wit a vase it will go higher and faster

Slime C_low

I love hitman 2 😂

Falkner Pictures

hahhahahah Nice!❤😂

Laced WithLacey

Your collections are the only ones that excite and inspire me these days! So thank you!

Cooper KING

I like how the twins are the first two in the 5 putt draino

Arcade gaming

Yo father looks like the kind of nigga that would abuse you


The Piano !


Jacksfilms: BAMBOOZLE

Quincy Carr

Funny how he believed his "privilege" would make it ok to do that #TimesAreChanging

Antonio Pires

6:58 look at all those chickens 😂😂😂

Nass Abdallah


Z3xal l

No Mr.Goodman is

The H crew Gacha life

I’m so sorry

ninnew J

wow! this channel needs MORE subs!! ☝

1 like, 1 good kick in the nuts for john

Marihuana y bebida

allahu akbar

3:13 LOL he got moves

Peyton Hiebert

Lol basketball players are little panzie prisses

Dyn Awesome

You literally restated an old theory, and then took quotes from a movie, and called it your theory.

GuMsUM PaRiNdA____

March last ?? 2019Anyone????

r1cKy UwU



Making trick shots does not equate to being able to play the NBA. Sorry to burst your bubble.

INF3RN0 197

I wanna speak to the manager police

Nick Giera

coach is evil


the wind "stopped" at :43 because before he was facing the wind with the mic on the camera which made that loud noice, and it stops when he turns b/c hes not facing it anymore, idiots...

Dan Bryant

holy shit. best ending

Doge is Life 99


heart puff

This is all too familiar to my first love. I could never stand up to him though, as he always threatened to kill himself and I didn't want to upset him in any way in case something happened. He'd constantly push me down while elevating himself, saying things like "I can understand you annoy others, but I'm a very chill guy so I don't mind' and other such bullshit. He convinced me that I owed him something for him to put up with me, and that he was the best I could ever get. The endless guilt tripping and gas lighting and lies, unbearable. 10 months passed and he told me he never loved me, that he saw this as just some fun. Before this, he was the person I trusted and loved most in this world, so I can't begin to explain how that felt. Those 10 months were tiring, miserable and desperate. While I'm still mentally affected by his actions, I can finally say I no longer wish to talk to him. It took a while to get to this point, but I did.

Cammille brown

When it said I'm the only healthy in my family I thought it meant eating #TheLordStillLovesYou

Heidi Schultz

XX channel

Parth Parmar

hi dp

Frances Silva


Stella Mensah

Why the hell didn't you just call him and get his phone number at that time

Evie White

Omg love it❤

joc boii

Damn thats one bad girl

SpinachMaster *

My favorite was when the ball went on the hoop

Lucky Trains

Who cries inside when coby loses

Jazzie playz

I have autism and have a internet boyfriend and he doesn't care that i have autism. (Fam don't no about him) and I'm lucky to have him


Im fighting asthma who else had asthma like if and comment if none

Carson Jimenez

you are the coolest youtubers ever


Isn't crazy how just 60 years ago, the Koreas were 1? And then they were separated, each making it's own rules of living. God bless, be strong! Fighting💜

Fire Starter

Props to Cowboy for not blaming the punch after the bell for the injury, respect to Tony for an amazing performance against Dad Cerrone. This guy is the People's Champ.

Cryos 945

Lmao the pilot was obviously a level 4

Hannah Hull

Starbucks is so good