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Chacarron (Radio Edit)


Not certain about the points made but ,if anyone else wants to uncover red face treatments try Jaffacter Red Face Coach (just google it ) ? Ive heard some decent things about it and my work buddy got excellent results with it.

Roman Frolov

i feel so bad :( the music makes it so much worse :(

I'm scared of people dying because of me.

How do you tell your parents that you have depression and your not just “ lazy”? that you have the fear of rejectiond and you never gonna be good enough? that you dont even know why people even wanna hang out with you because youre a fucking mess and dont know how to deal with it? that every time they wanna talk about how you feel you dont even know where to start and besides they CANT DO ANYTHING TO HELP ME. how you are so FUCKING SCARED of rejection? you dont even have had one proper meal since forever and have struggled with weight for YEARS?? how do you tell them about how anxious people make you feel like? that you have panick attaks EVERY SINGLE DAY? how do you tell them about youre suicidal thoughts? about how you dont have even one friend who knows this because them knowing it its not gonna change anything, only make me more aweare!! How you tell them all of this if they dont even know anything and you live in the same house. tell them isnt gonna make any difference. its only gonna make things worst. its hopless

Go Ham

And the building DIDN'T collapse? O man. Should of used squibs again.

Pranjal Parashar

I am of India

Silent Gamer


eddie vilca

RIP panda xd

Chandler Watson


Liquid Captain

Steak sandwich from jersey mikes


i'm an abivert ;-; i think this is me: 60% introvert and 40% extrovert


Tbh these guys who are so cruel and won’t accept gay are disgusting.

ThePugWithAPlan XD

Dude perfect should go to can can wonderland

Devin Boothman

these guys are legit, shutthehellup.

I have a crush on K.E

Omg so you guys know how much work this takes??? All of these drawings are so good. I don’t understand why this even HAS dislikes. Also, why don’t they have over 1 million subscribers yet?!?!?! THEY DESERVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Which do you like better Football= Like Soccer= comment

Amazing Cool

I’m mr create a player

AHuge Pigeon

I fookin love when you upload

Moonv Sam

if this video dont get 1 mil views, idk what to say

Josh Min



"If i was the tiger i would eat him alive" LMAO

Elias N

0:03 ive heard that musical before...but where🤔

Spastic Moon Ham


Rubber Ducky

Top notch video Guru! Did not know about the Resogun one, and I've played 50+ hours of that game.

#4 Singapore

Mina Young

My mom is like that

Kelvin darius

His card throwing speed and accuracy is awesome



Why didn't you put meeting with other players as an Easter egg ?

king of G.o.G. mannie

Man aint never know that drake and c.bezzy work together this song sound yeah lit man



Timo Aebersold

anxiety can make opioid addicted😓

victoria lang

Did you see how quick that last Starbucks girl grabbed the $200 😂😂

Coco Loco

I’m feel so bad!

Cash's channel 7

The bow and basket

Walter Hartwell White

The rench was in both fuzz u could use it online in number 2


The boy is outta the oven


What about destroying the bobble heads. They glow blue when you destroy one of them. That's gotta be an Easter egg


Krazi ShadowBear

TOO..... MANY..... BEAUTIFUL..... DETAILS...... XD

Sousuke Aizen

dude perfect brought me here