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Cali Transforms into JoJo Siwa | Cali's Playhouse

In this video I transform into my favourite YouTuber, JoJo Siwa!Follow me on instagram!for more fun videos :)

iThisChan! Gacha ᴀɴᴅ ᴍᴏʀᴇ

I have so much anxiety for example if I ever thought becoming student council i would DIE

Evolve Daily


Cooper Laforge

There's no way this is true lol. This doesnt happen in first world countries. Hitting women is a big no no in the U.S


(Clap) (Clap) slow mo, real original #Slowmoguys

Cash Walrus

Suicide squad was great. I loved Jared Leto and the others. I don't get the hate on it.

Don Nguyen

I really want to see u use actually left over steak, cause that will be complete different element from what ur actually eating. Leftover steak is already season and already cooked. So therefore, you need to recook...heat the steak. The mash fine, fresh ok but I wanna see how your real leftover steak mash quesadilla would be like.


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Saim Ali


Jason Victor Turner

This was surprisingly really dope!

kaxa shariashvili

des es good dude perfect mi georgia

Robby Harrington

6:27 breesus christ

eldi bregu

bunch jumping


Vidin Show

3:16 а ему идёт

channel valdez

If you are paralyzed did you get hurt when you fell out of the weel chair


Who wants to see a 'guess who' story of Freddie Mercury? Or, in fact, the whole band queen, or each and every member?

Girl: shjdjkklf my opinion tho i am so OPPRESSED🤡

Raj A.

Goof video


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Mack Phelan

Why do ducks have fethers to cover it's butt crack


Wow this is intense

Hasanali Akhmedov

i thught he was a dude