Best Music Mix 2018 - Best Of EDM, Electro House, Bass | Shuffle Dance Music | Popular Songs 2018 music and songs music


Best Music Mix 2018 - Best Of EDM, Electro House, Bass | Shuffle Dance Music | Popular Songs 2018

Best Music Mix 2018 - Shuffle Dance Music | Best Of EDM | Electro House 2018 | Bass Boosted | EDM Mix | Melbourne Bounce◢ Please Share this Mix on Social sites (Facebook, Google +, Twitter etc.) to more people could listen it!◢ Don't forget to comment my video and follow me when you like my channel.Support me: ○ Youtube → Like my Facebook Page →

kim ina

I'm gonna cry😭. I don't know wae?

Lena p

I want to go to this school


computer specs please btw great vid clear locals and easy to read text all in all love your vids.

Manaal Ali

Yes we want your videos sports golf battles

Zac Smith

What happened to johnny

Will O’Connell

If you look closely u can tell they’re using trampolines

Shazzy Snazzy

Also in contact there is a door that says dead inside this is from

Heather Feather ASMR

As a fan of Easter Eggs, this is so cool!  Subbed!

Clemente Cámbara

Nice work Guru! Your work is flawless and I'm pretty sure you're the best at what you do! You should do a Breaking Bad Easter Eggs video, although I'm not sure how many there are in the series... Keep it coming!

Anime X Hunter

Who's watching this in 2k19??


Doesn't matter if you call it Scarlett, I'm still gonna call it XBOX TWO 😁

Alexis Fletcher

Applebee’s vs Chili’s

can i change my name youtube??


Cydnee Beyant

I am 11 and I am probably as tall as the twins but Tyler is the champ


I wonder if it will be the normal CL4P-TP voice actor or the one from the new bl2 dlc



Your shut gun is cool

SCP - 173 Peanut



What was so significant about the dog anyway? Did it have something to do with the movie "Haichi"


Everyone I know is smarter than me

Wesley Figueiredo



Is this fake?

Modern Powerstar

Anyone watching 2018?

melissa g

This just made me miss HEB.

RezMect HS

the letters you got in the air said Luna which mean moon in Spanish referencing the new moon map

Dara Nkanga

Give this brother an Oscar!!!

Ema Guerrero

This is how many people love Jaiden


Guru do mw3

Antoni Rivera

Bad Bunny 🙏👁💞

Ladder Projects


Idk what to write here besides I like tøp

My teacher yells and makes me feel bad in class... for smiling...

joseph moseley

is panda

Nur Hayati


i will pee all over you like R. Kelly

you missed the lockjaw statue, iron man and mr fantastic reference

Maria teresa Norambuena cea

Epic gmes quiero que meta una arma que quite 100 de daño

Erik Norman

you are one fucked up dude.

Brayden Lester

The Dallas cowboys

Chaitanya Negi

lol what d hell donuts!!!!

Rafael Chavez

what is dat song called

Alex Lopez

Basketball shot

Roann David

This is how many people who thought the thumbnail was real👇🏻

Sad. lia

I can’t call my boyfriend because I have anxiety and get nervous what to say and stuff ugh it’s so stress full

Marcus Oiccum

We love you cory


R.I.P bucky


Fucking hackers.

jitterysall 18

cancer if for people who are like 50


Love the last one

Your's Sarika

Give all your Stress and Anxieties to Lord Jesus Christ...He understands you and your issues. He will heal you and give you everlasting Peace...😊