5 Beginner Bass Myths (Busted) music tcc music


5 Beginner Bass Myths (Busted)

Are you letting beginner bass myths hold back your playing?0:23 Myth #1 - Bass is Boring2:17 Myth #2 - Bass is Easier than Guitar5:06 Myth #3 - You Can’t Play with Small Hands9:37 Myth #4 - Pick or Fingers?11:00 Myth #5 - It Takes a Long Time to Learn BassLet’s tackle some beginner bass myths and find out if they’re confirmed or busted…Myth #1 - Bass is Boring… we just stand at the back, looking sullen, waiting for the show to end so we can pack up the lead guitarist’s girl while they talk to groupies, right?You can probably guess what I think of this myth, since this is a bass channel… but check out how I demonstrated how important the bass is at 1:30 .Myth #2 - Bass is Easier than Guitar… If you’re a bassist you might immediately say “hell no,” but it’s a little more complicated than you might think. I explain the differences, plus a live demo of why guitar players can get away with bad habits that bassists can’t.Myth #3 - You Can’t Play with Small Hands… this is one of the most common myths about bass. I’ve had so many students worry that they won’t be able to play bass because their hands are small. We’ll see if we can find any pro bass players with small hands, plus I’ll talk about how to deal with it if your hands are length-challenged.Myth #4 - Pick or Fingers? The age-old question. Can you play bass with a pick? Is pick better than fingers? We’ll look for answers by checking out a bunch of pro bass players and seeing what they do.Myth #5 - It Takes a Long Time to Learn Bass… the great unspoken beginner bass myth. We’ll put it to the test and see what one of my former students has to say about it.Okay, your head is clear of bass myths, and you’re ready to fill it with good stuff. Click here to subscribe for more beginner bass lessons:there are even MORE free lessons (that you can’t get on YT) over at #basstruths

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