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Szymek Dudziak


Malaika Lakhani

but what if one don't want to consult a counselor or psychiatrist?

Stacy E

Team necklace

I didn't know what to write


I lost my dad in 2011 too. He died May 17, 2011. He died bc of his kidneys. It's a disease that runs in my family. I can't remember what it's called but it's in me but not my little brother. Sons are the only ones that are effected by it it but the mother of the son passes it to the son. I remember the night my dad died and I wish I didn't remember everything from that night because it scares me. My dad was in dialysis all the time so I barely got to see him. So I understand what this girl was going through.


Kill me

Vina Undale

I met one

A random kid

I love the way that woman says "puppies"

Ben Morris


Dan Bentley


Why would anyone have trouble picking who they like when they said all those lovely words to you and at the same time make you feel like your a choice?

Tomthestar 7

9:19 get a job maybe

memesfordayz cheese

i never got to meet my grams, be happy that you actually saw them, i had never seen my grams


This Story is so fing sad... Love and support your parents...

Stefanos Stitzel

I miss dude perfect, I haven't watched them in 3 years

the mad study guy.

David Foust

Brodie Smith should join dude perfect in 2018

1. But of course. ^_^


It doesn’t exist 👏😐


Sick shots

Diana Hundi

No I'm not crying you are! sniff


Saira Arshad


Mausumi Mandal

We would like to see a shooting battle

Mari Lands

to the PE teacher I said don't drop the soap

Kailey Sweeney

I would be mr mood swing. Like if you are the same

Leah Sianidis

I love the factory

therealdragonboy2923 tube

I have the 7/9 the loss of interest lost of overeating that 2 are the only things i dont have and i have g6pd asma abd derpresion and poeple think im normal but im just acting like it and so many more

Ann Schiffenhaus

Duke is 1st right now


Tyler is bad


He should of used a bouncer pad

xd Desturber

3:00 milk and banana there ????

I also always wonder, Example: “Trans Man” Does this mean that... -periods

HotshotBasket 97


Kara Tinkerbell

Team neakles

nour graia

Please abonné 🙏🙏🙏

Schnauzer God

2019 anyone???

yea dude

Does it not say: Buttons?

Amanda Vega

The fact that she said the due date she got on the phone was an inconvenient date lol


Family stereotypes

Nou Moua

Why he does cause

Infires Man


Bakhtyar Darwish

I like that

Veronica Galvez

🔥fire and ❄️ice

Lux Fuzzling

It's not like people generally just eat meat if they aren't vegetarian or vegan. On top of eating meat, they're eating sugar, hfcs, breaded, fried things, grains, bad fats like canola and vegetable etc. Grains are fortified with niacin and fake folic acid (the synthetic form of folate) etc. which is bad for people who need real folate. Blaming diabetes on meat? Come on. Oh and you get everything, including vitamin c, from organ meats.


we only watch for Shannon, and the last show we only watched for Steven A. Who here watching actually watches for a Skip Bayless opinion???




you rock dude

Muhammad Iftikhar

i guessed lords of the ring before Cory did