KIDZ BOP 2019 Quiz - Part 2 with The KIDZ BOP Kids music and songs music


KIDZ BOP 2019 Quiz - Part 2 with The KIDZ BOP Kids

Play along at home with The KIDZ BOP Kids as they answer questions about their brand new album KIDZ BOP 2019! #KIDZBOPFridays🛍️ Shop all new KIDZ BOP Swag and Music: The KIDZ BOP Kids live: Listen to KIDZ BOP 2019 🎵 to more KIDZ BOP 🎧 KIDZ BOP: Facebook: @KIDZBOP_UKPop Jam: @KIDZBOP_UK

Jon C

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Soukaina Kachbal

Fg FBI Greg rgfffvffb

Ave Charles

l see it


The way she was saying "money" got me more upset than I thought It would.

MasterAA ofEarth

The rage monster is so violent in this video


Ayyy good time wait a minute ay FUCK YOU TOO DOOR!

Tessa Rain74

Aww poor baby...

Minh Khang Phu

He so short

Adoption is an option.

Aaron Otron


Lillian Lesure

I think the sandwiches are from subway

Anika Chakraborty

i am trying to find out who is who?

Theresa Black

100% doing that

Carlos Quinones

This was dropped during D-day on the enemy...

RoughGamer421 Minecraft & More!

Are they the old members

Jacy Gacha


Potato Gacha Grapes

Hang on, have I been pronouncing adidas wrong this whole time?




ronaldo footballer

Pubg Production


Spilled Tea

I just don’t compare myself because I know I’m an individual and don’t need to pretend anymore

Loy Henderson

Do a video with the carealine panthers

Joshua Ortiz


Kl Ih

I'm from Serbia and I'm so sorry for you. You don't deserve this.❤️

Jochem Scheelings

Does anyone know the name of the last song?

Daft Dog

Lol that ending

Jonathan Zambrano

Loved the Zelda Easter egg awesome 👏

... ... ... ... ... ...,,-~”¯::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::¯”'~,,

Simon Herbert

Wow, this is an amazing story I have never heard of.

Samuel McChesney

how did y'all not talk about BIG's plan for Manhattan?

Nico B

It’s time I make a bold prediction, this was set up

Jayden Birch

Dad face

Losgameplaysdelgordy 07

Its isla nublar The person who is scared for a test.


I did too..

Raj Kumar

Which song u guys used.....pls tell me

sharmin J

1:12 Grand Pabbie:"But be careful,we have always feared Elsa's power were too much for this world ...but now we must hope... they are enough"I am crying..cant truly wait any longer for November 😭😭😊❤❤


The real question here is

Black Gandhi

the weather was absolute garbage in nyc today so why was a helicopter even flying? good job pilot for quick thinkin but i feel like its one of those things that could have been completely avoided

Jason Basson

Ho broke your eggs ty

Javraj Singh

You are 71 Years old in 2018 and Now are you are going to be 72 years old Soon



You're awesome

Rodrigo Vergara

Este wn se mueve como angustiao


No big deal, he probably just borrowed Jordans remote control ball


Im just watching this and i am like poor panda

Choco Kabob

My Cure Has No Pain

Grace Grace

Sweety you were never her friend.

Owen Bennett

3: 41 "damn flying"