Morning Relaxing Music - Piano & Guitar Music for Stress Relief and Studying (Kate) music and songs music


Morning Relaxing Music - Piano & Guitar Music for Stress Relief and Studying (Kate)

The OCB (One Conscious Breath) relaxing music series helps you calm down. These music are great for relaxing, meditation, yoga, massage, learning, studying, reading, thinking, sleeping, working, dreaming, traveling, etc. Original, calming and peaceful tunes created and uploaded to YouTube.BUY LINKSTitle: Kate (not released yet)iTunes: and footage: OCB Relax (All rights reserved)Thumbnail picture licensed from naruto_japan via (RI 087)

Mozibor Rahman

Who the hell is that kid

Danny Dolan

How about the one in MGS2 where you can use the D-mic to listen to a guy taking a massive beep?

Ryan Reilly

Relax brah.He was joking.Most people got the joke... you did not, it would seem.

Vahagen Estepanian

I feel bad for that vegan little girl scientific theory bless you

Pamcake Is awesome

When he said that the hair on the back of your neck is rising, mine actually did.


Love the video man. It is always fun looking for Easter eggs in these movies.

aesha shaikh

Hey did you guys on Nickelodeon right

Kristen Jones

This is the dopest song out there


Calling it now Legend of Zelda Hand of the Fates. Book it now



Zeid Houssami

get curry on a vedio if you can

Private Iccm

#13 no Brasil

Adam B Films

My channel will go no ware

•Jude Dude•

This is so good it could be a series

Ramon Plays

I love rage monster

Jacob Beadle

Fuckin FAKES



Facu Hochi

My favorite shot is 60 yards

Mikhail Pugliano

You got good humor lol or at least similar to mine heueheueheu

El ReydelCosmos


El P0p0

Damn that made me hungry for a juicy burger

janah. vlog curman

Paano yun

Adam Kohn

2018 Super Late

Charline Spadoni


Robin Lima

I always questioned if anyone ever thought they would experience the same thing that happened in 9/11

Melo Puente

shouldn't it be giant "arcade" basketball battle?

David Beckwitt

So you didn't notice the giant rat running through the streets?

Josh Mcclure

Good stuff bro


Those anime scenes remind me of the 2001 anime film Metropolis, which has one of the best ASMR scenes I've ever experienced. It involves an old detective, an electrical device he's tinkering on, a crinkly old instruction booklet, a cozy little apartment, an android girl with an activation switch hidden behind her ear, and no music whatsoever.

xavyer houde

i wouldn t even pay respect to cod


IT wasnt Robin hood Who shot the Apple from the head