▷Música Electrónica Motivadora para Hacer Ejercicio 2019 👊 Fitness Mujeres Motivación music wme music


▷Música Electrónica Motivadora para Hacer Ejercicio 2019 👊 Fitness Mujeres Motivación

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Eric Claros

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*NomieDc* Dc

OMG after 6 years there are a trailer now!!!!!!

rangga irawan

Will try on jakarta indonesia? We have National Monument for you try

Matheus Velozo

Ok this was cool.

Alexander Vladimirov

Just i click on Bat-ass to play the video?

Army Rolezeira


Mr. Game


Jose Torres



Glass Heart

Title should be “I woke up on a sidewalk”

Lucky Banana

She says she has class

Magic Winx

its awesome.....i just cant wait to watch Frozen 2

Maddox Kesner

I was born sick and had some complications and almost died

Kelly S. Campbell

If u r filming with liverpool Mohamed salah must be in it

Leon Munro


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Mr. Cheese Z

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those teddy bears are hardcore!

Elijah Watson

Aah poor console players. He's most likely playing on P.C where you can mod him in.

Mikey Gutierrez

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Colton Starks

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Alexis H.

I wonder if this was sponsored by Pringle’s or anything?


I think you should do it add the nerf shop

Lily White

I'll just say it. There's a reason why people are mad at this. If you have an opinion that disrespects the existence of an entire group and denies them having the same as you then you need to work on yourself. If this video was about women or black people instead of the LGBT community then I highly doubt that this video would even be made. And changing the title isn't going to change people's feeling towards this. You think women or black people shouldn't have the same rights as everyone else and don't deserve to be treated like people, work on yourself and stop trying to victimize yourself. Same thing for the LGBT community. I understand that it's hard to get rid of prejudices that have been instilled in you by parents and the people around you but you haven't done everything your parents have told you to do so it's not impossible the change.

dreamqueen Elizabeth Vazquez

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