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Pancho Barraza - Musica Romantica

Олег Кириловець

, Нейт, как жизнь? Adoption is an option.

Blaq Diam

Next up.. The Applai 🍎 4:11

Kansas Escalante

I feel sadness 😔

Hyper B3ast

This warehouse is the new dp hq 2 they just have the property and nothing inside of it

Jollybruh 18

Who's watching in 2017 like if you are dislike if you are not


No, it doesn't.

everything AWESOME

Life as a potato


Since when is Adidas and puma brothers?!?!??!


"The crossbow is hard to master but it is the only silent ranged weapon"

Angga Putra


Isidro Leal

Like si quien quiere ser rico y su papa bad bunny

Chris Thompson

Sad these questions are just designed to create drama and increase ratings. How pathetic the media has become. they don't care about the game just about ratings. I suppose they be happy if they found out his career was over because it would increase the ratings. They could care less about the game .

Ryan Christensen

please make a part two of this please


tri paloski

76 gtf lamoula



Guru your the best Easter egg finder ever keep up the good work I know your awesome :)

I'm sorry, but at 29, that is your problem. Probably the type of person to curse the government about how she can't get a real job for not completing HIGH SCHOOL.


I hope one day to take my family to Hawaii and hopefully check out the surfing, there was huge discounts when the volcano was erupting, does anyone know if you can still get erupting volcano discounts?

Pinhead Larry

is that a real gun?


Roger Gaile

And Atlantis is going to pay for it.

Marisa 07

Before minute videos was an official story channel

laura gerber

Do a dance off

Arnold Antilope

0:35 Nazi Zombie DLC confirmed

Easter Egg:At Night 5 wait for the battery will be 87% and go to the kitchen camera. A secret suprise will happen "but when I see diamonds, it all just, melts away"

Julian Xamo

In The Witcher 3 there's also Brienne and Arya

Luke S

It was a pie 🥧


وين العرب العربي لايك

Juan Gonzalez

Tony romo

Lacey Cooper

The music made me lose it

1000 subscribers with no videos

James Charles touched you

Thiago Felix

2 bi box-office

Hayden Whitley

Cops go there and the only thing on there mind is Cocaine and drug dealers when they see that white powder haha lol

Elizabeth spencer

Jesus Christ... I can only imagine the outcome if you hadn’t landed in water 🙄 be happy and thankful that you’re alive, and wear the pain from this as a badge of honour or something. As a way of saying “I survived”

ashish patil

Dudes are not perfect

Ryan Wehkamo


Tôn Bảo Dương

Viet nam .....

I know you have heard that many times before, but its true. If you have to change yourself to make someone happy, then maybe they're not worth your effort and time.