Black Gospel Songs Mama Used To Sing music texas music


Black Gospel Songs Mama Used To Sing

This video is about Follow Me on Twitter @djozone6Share this music and spread the Gospel.1: Glory Glory Hallelujah2: God Be With You3: Hold To God Unchanging Hand4: I Need Thee5: I Surrender All6: I Wanna Go7: OL’ Time Church8: Pass Me Not9: Peace In The Valley10: Sweet Home11: This World Is Not My Home

Gabriel Tejada

That was hilarious. We all know he's part of your team. Once again, ACTING.

Homie Ak47

Boring video


is the brother ksi?

《ستووبي 》 {S} ' _ '



This is the female led superhero movie we deserve

The Girl Magnet

Indiana Jones

Why does EVERYONE want me dead?

Kyle Lowry

If it happens to a girl, the whole world goes crazy, but If it happens to a man, no one seems to care. why?

Timothy Roberson

I'd like to thank ya'll for these videos. God Bless You Guys.


God damn sir your editing is flawless


You should have 1 million sub you're one of my fav you tubers

Tristan Heitkemper

Can't wait to go get riptide, are you excited for the game guru?

Δανάη Χρίστου

Y'all first

Kenzie Cajucom


Eli Buie



I dont have any allergies but I irrationally sneeze when I get out of the house and the sun hits me at 1st

friend: Omg yeeeeesssssss

Firewing 2099

I love ❤️ your videos


I think next battle should be Iphone game battle

Brian Diaz

It be fun to see nature wreck a wall, hope it's as tough as the great China wall


Dat shirt owo


You cried because of a B? Me: yeah well cancer usually takes care of that “Living” problems so ur lucky...

사랑해방탄소년단 name is Sophie...I'm an introvert...

She's lucky she lived...

Rayhan Nawabi

I have a x pogo but the only trick I know is one hand eye closed

Edit: another thing to add is that i HATE talking to adults. And not every kid i can talk to either. I just dont trust them, its so awkward. Too awkward. Too.. creepy? Yes, too creepy. Too awkward and creepy. I dont know how people with such drastic age differences speak to eachother. Its hard tk talk to my parents about what goes on deep inside. Hard to talk to family and i would most likely break this info to a friend my age than an adult. I can speak online because no one will know me. Unless by some chance someone finds me.


@OoleoleoleO They tow it around on a trailer behind the black truck. U see it in a few of there videos

[8B] Mebo

P etition to get panda in overtime

alisha D

so true guru

WHO'S CUTTING THE ONIONS -says every kid born after year 2000

Skytheguy 12

0:01 did anybody hear the word zentorno


Who is the genius that decided a lightsaber could also be a torch? Seriously, that pissed me off.

amazingjason1000000 Jason Cirres

He is very CHILL

carson Altman

Look at ty he leans farther than everyone else combined😂

Heather Fuller

I subscribed because I love all of your videos

Amaan Patel

Don't do like this with Cory don't smash bottle on his head it's a request from a biggest friend


Maria Annibal

Pause the video at 0:25

mintuevideos drawing like god and better than my teacher Edit: Also, go Big Horns!

Garrett Greathouse

Do a shot off the Empire State Building

Sreyas Cheviri

this guys r real legendsty has same style the same bread,same cap style , same celebrationsand the panda till now same costume

Maria Triche

I’m sorry Asher but “ One Thot Away” I cant stop hearing that lol


Even if kd is playing, he ain’t gonna play like in the beginning of the series

Laff Soap

what are your pc spec?