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Best Music Mix 2018 | ♫ Best of EDM ♫ | NoCopyrightSounds x Gaming Music

Tracklist:0:00 Defqwop - Heart Afire (Ft. Strix)3:59 Janji - Heroes Tonight (feat. Johnning)7:27 Tobu - Seven11:18 Culture Code Feat. Karra - Make Me Move (James Roche Remix) 15:04 Jim Yosef & Anna Yvette - Linked18:50 Defqwop - Awakening22:26 NEFEEX- rumors26:34 NEFEEX - destiny30:00 RedMoon & Meron Ryan - Heavyweight 33:17 Tobu - Sunburst36:27 Lensko - Let's Go39:53 Heuse & Zeus x Crona - Pill (feat. Emma Sameth)42:10 Jo Cohen & Sex Whales - We Are46:05 Cartoon & Futuristik - C U Again (feat. Mikk Mae)49:28 Marshmello - Alone (FadeX Remix)53:08 JPB - Defeat The Night (feat. Ashley Apollodor)57:24 Krys Talk - Fly Away (JPB Remix)[NCS]• Cloudx MusicTwitter » » » CONTACT US :

Griffon Rowland

yes its very freaky

Smick Eggs

you should do Steph curry

Seth Wilhelmi

You guys should do a night trick show video

Angel Erives

2018 anybody?🤔

Santy Squared

stuff like this shouldn’t be happening

josh simi

Double rainbow what does it mean?


Have you ever thought of playing in the NFL?

I was never here

5:39 really? He's the one who's annoying? Aren't you talking about yourself😒

Gwihan_ pikachu

CONGRATULATIONS FOR 6 MILLION SUBS and btw I luv your channel so much

Bilal Tariq

I am the biggest fan of dude perfect


Avatars love 😭😭

UVr games

Is this what the doctors care about ?!!

Queen Nono

rated m zelda game?

lucy B

I love wake boarding!

Red Gaming

At 4:53 you can see Cody eating the chairs bubble gum

Jack S

@TastyPranks safety seting my GT:CRAz TeMpErZz

What's Up This Is Serious

The dunwich building* that has a cthulu reference*??


They need to make Manhunt 3 Unedited for this ten of consoles. Loved the first one, second was a joke though had LOTS of potential. 

120fps on Minecraft