Best duets Mr Faisu, Hasnain Khan, Adnaan,Gima Ashi & Manjulll with beautiful girls kxc music music


Best duets Mr Faisu, Hasnain Khan, Adnaan,Gima Ashi & Manjulll with beautiful girls

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Evren CP

It like jedi creed.

Genghis Khan

stortnight form an i tottle

Lara Navarro

Wow so amazing 🎉😯

Não sabe jogar gamer



It was definitely checkers!

My band teacher is the one I dislike the least. She teaches in a nice way but sometimes we don’t even play new music until we’ve said all the notes out loud 5 times. We do this routine where we clap out the notes in rhythm (like 1 2 3 4 or 1 and 2 and 3 and 4 for eighth notes) and we usually do it 3 times before we even say the note names and if someone claps on the wrong beat or doesn’t hold a note long enough we need to start over. I’m not really complaining about band because it is a privilege to be able to afford to play my own instrument because (like this girl) most people never partake in extracurricular activities.

wing lee

If u drew dat IM IMPRESSED

jake budow

I totally Understand you  guru its hard to make its not just hard to make its very hard to make thumbs up

Lukas Knell

Never go to beaches with forty-fifty year old men are checking women out and then loose your swimsuit


Nice vid but the Easter egg is lame

Melissa O'Sullivan

How much do they spend on rage monster

Rhianna_ Doggos

The guy who gave her the wheel chair is a ~legend~

Caleb Cremeen

glad to find out that you have own t.v. show!!! :)

Sweet Cupcake

I started crying so hard

Niks Bosakovs

My favorite shot is Cory curve!!

Mahathir M.hoque

when will you do your own easter eggs?



Marais Lindeque


baby king game play and reaction

Texts are real T-T


5:00 *Enter Goosebumps*

Joel N

I'm the Mr freeze, the my bad, and the guy who misses all shots but the clutch finisher

Franccesco Pisa

Correction:Epic handegg trick shots.

M4 tZ

0:50 Nerf his hand

Logic_ Treekzz

i bet they ask the law to let them to cut the treeit illegal to cut a tree without permission

Devin Jernigan

Why douse it have the Kino Der Toten opening

Sean Waterman



Hartford ct.

Hayden Tyrelle

I actully just started doing softball at school when i saw this video😀

Tommy Wells

hey i have the same spider-man shirt cody's got on

Patrik Svensson

Him not won!!!

Moony edits

Wait did she died?

Quinn Hedges

R those real baseballs if not what r they