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BELIEVER } Hamilton PV

EDIT: to the ppl who keep on telling me the lyrics are, "my life/luck, my love, my GOD" is correct then sad to say nope sorry i referenced so bYE)READ THE DESCRIPTION AND PLEASE WATCH IN HD THANK YOU~OHSHIT SORRY MOBILE USERS. I can't make it available huhu. See it on your laptop/desktop instead ; w ; )Well oOOKAY ! This has been in my head storage ever since this song came out. I just recently gained the inspiration to draw this out and I've always wanted to make a PV. Although it's not fully colored, I hope everyone would like it. Did my best ! Enjoy !!DISCLAIMER:Believer (c) Imagine DragonsHamilton (c) Lin Manuel-MirandaArt (c) MineCOME SCREAM AT ME:TWITTER:

LightningEnderCreeper LEC

I honestly think the golden boy is Tyler

Evalene doka

I was crying bc I couldn't get a ticket bc they sold out and I got soo sad but if u get more seats I am gonna buy one 😕😁😁😆


I‘m happy the most I can.

MMK Moreno

CANADA NUMBER 1 !!!!!!!!!!


Bonjour. Grenouille.

Mardeliez Cuajotor

Watching.. 07June2019

Deep Mandeep

Wow very very very nice awesome amazing video g

Keen Last

Wow this video is trash but I still love dude perfectthey are dunking with a trampoline

Sarah Rodenhi

airport sterotypes

Gaby garcia

Love it

Sarah K

best hockey shots


You didn't do the It's a me Mario one?

Simon Lynx

2015 isn't over yet, anyway, great job!

lana pr

I always get good vibes from Kylie

Christine Wlls


Gabriel Bellotto

Palhaço Hunter do Boku no hero

DC _ incline

I wanted a real story ughghhh

Erica Miranda

Ask for a Female doctor next visit! I don’t think you should jump at all. Love you guys!

Matthew Goodman

Man I thought the first Easter egg was going to be Hillary Clinton


jeez that song tho nice!!!! choice!!!


I’m from Australia. I thought u guys were joking with the betcha. That is so easy. And codes took so long. Cmon guys

J The Soup

One and feeling down you guys help me get ready to pack up


Здесь есть русскиеЛайк если есть

Pat O

Anyone 2019 March

lost game

2019 aqui e Brasil


Can u go and kill jock in gtaV ???


"the most powerful and highest performing console we've ever designed" Lmao nah, if SAS or MK can make use of you peacefully, you stay

markman manmark


Justin Hassel


Thatcher Hazel

Dute perfect is perfect

Slaking Gaming

1:39 First day of school be like