Alex Campos Sus Mejores Exitos - Mix Musica Cristiana 2019 kxc music music


Alex Campos Sus Mejores Exitos - Mix Musica Cristiana 2019

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Stephanie Fu

Jump into a pool full of paint


Team Coby

Some rewinds- have good likes

Noemi Rivera

Look, ik there is alot of conflict in the comments but i feel like this video is very important, because u always hear people saying they support gays,les,tran,etc (which is amazing!🏳️‍🌈). But, I feel like it's great to hear what a person with another opinion thinks. You're hating on this poor girl because this is her religion, what she believes in. She never said she hated them or called them sinners or anything. She is nutural with it and is completely chill with whatever, she just has her own opionion. Who cares if she supports or not, as long as she isn't hurting people in anyway (physically/emiotionally). People think because they support lgbt+ makes them an amazing and accepting person, WRONG! This video was a perfect example of people taking things to hard, and not being accepting of other people for their religion. I think this video is amazing and gives voices to the ones who are afraid to give their opionion. Props to this girl for 1) being brave enough to say her opionion knowing so many people will hate and 2) still being kind and treating people how they deserve to be treated, even if they do something against her religion. So please, you can disagree but do it respectfully, how would u like it if people started bullying you because of ur religion? You DON'T have to support everything, but just be kind.

Yvan Kerkdijk



Babita Singh

Dudes vs titans

I personnaly dont


1:34 Swedish "5-krona" is spotted

Kodyw370 Blp12345

I’ve watched Axl

Michelle Earl

I got the lord of the rings one


is this dude calling vite-a-mins, vit-a-mins


Would watch if lele pons wasn't their.

Zodiac Joe

Just end it

Diamond Gaming

Wolf 🐺 and panda 🐼


@tjessie13021 WTF are u blind??

Jamaican Youths

great vid had me dying loved it make more

Lisa Wilson

Its pretty good


Atleast i have chicken

sarah mank

I thought she lost weight ?


Why does it feel like this person is living in an aesthetic life

kyoko suzuki


CanCallMeArtistCanCallMeGidle 99

Since when was Disney supposed to be this serious and deep




2018 anyone

Blue Sheep

At 4:40 why did the skeet turn from orange to green


Isn't the first one a referece to the movie "Monster Inc." ?

Good freakin job, Guru

aan gamer

Next : liverpool


Birinder Singh

5:00 that is more like Michael Scott than Michael Scott himself 😂😂

NetNobody vs KSI

El Quica

Who else came here just to comment

leighanne nelson

Damn it.. I thought anna is going to have fire power..

Stealthyman 1234

Honesty cod has just used the future setting way to much and also battlefield is better

Dashae Mccray

We love you

Patrick Harrison

Hey, top ten Easter eggs of 2015 came out...

joseph savage

dude perfect is the best

Luke4123 T.

you should do minecraft

mikey taylor

Too bad there’s no games

Brigh Geal

what the fuck is this story


Why are literally all male pe teachers pervs


OMG.....I can't believe these views. Meanwhile A.C.E is struggling to get 3 million for 'under cover' after 3 weeks : ( Death

hans peter

mein lieblingsvideo ist das 2.

Insecdroid-Games and Other Crap

I found the unforgettable luncheon in a chest called “Forgotten Lunchbox”