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Alesha Dixon's BEST GOLDEN BUZZERS | Britain's Got Talent

BGT 2019 applications are now open! Apply now at: better than getting a Golden Buzzer on BGT? Getting one from Alesha Dixon! Here are her favourite performances from across the years.See more from Britain's Got Talent at

Epic Scout & Friends

my brain hurts now, I don't know what's a easter egg and what's not anymore .n.

Caitlin Dixon

Just take this video down TT The end bit where she's like "now I have friends that accept me!" is the worst bit tbf like,, I can be a homophobe and still live a great life! It's okay to be bigoted!

Elijah Naborne

Forget who's not stepping up. Talk about the garbage D

Dominik Maurer

Crysis 3 - Action made in Germany <3

Charlie’s words of Diamonds Charlie



Damn, bungie was thinking of destiny before they sold halo and made reach

The Mask

Imagine a crossover with Hercules ?

Amro Heshmat

Guys does cobe ever win a battle

gear destroyer 99

I know how she feels I do the stack same thing every time when I am sad or annoyed


"I'm sorry I cut off Mr Seans head"

Diana Solet

Wow, the illustrations are just GORGEOUS

Heather Keener

14 or 15


3:00 rip belly

Sebastião Andrade

Your voice is so smooth, damn, I love to hear you speaking.

You're just the best.<3 (no homo)

Daniel Griffin


Ruth Herchenhanh

I couldn't eat steak that raw but to each his own. Looks great.

her one last time I would feel awful if on mother's day my mom passed away I feel so bad

Ava jo Morris

This story is really helpful to me

Aditya Rane

The rage monster 😠

Enej vato

2017 anyone

Lasher YT

December 2018? Anyone?

Drop Kingdom

yes i love you <3

Zachary Pizem

I’m Zack and my friend is Ethan. He is my BFF

lah_red 3

I hope raptors win so I don’t have to feel as bad for them beating out ass - Bucks Fan


You guys like to 0:55 ? that doesn't make sense at all.

Robert Hunter

Do airplane Stereotypes

Hymie Betesh

you should do a hockey stereotypes video


We had 9/11, now we'll have 9/13

Chris Duncan


soudabeh Karamouz

Ty fuck you

Fashion Seal50

I bet panda is the guy sitting next to ty after the clip where they try to shoot the ball into the hoop on the 4 wheeler

crystalrose306 link

No words 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Papa Shank

No u😢

Antee 20

no one:


Not all things get better i a pre teen and i don't think my problems will be solved i have issues and I don't talk about them pretty much all my life my mother and father have been divorced i have a new part of family i used to be the only child between my mom and dad now my dad is married and I have 4 other step and haft siblings and I feel my father has not spend enough time in most of my childhood when we do something the other always have to join and I hate knowing that my father has only so much love and he will not care as much towards me as he does to the others and I was his first daughter.... I love to do art and music stuff but he does not even know simple stuff like how my favorite color is green and blue and stuff like that.... This is all true...

Meredith Dodenhoff

Done ✅