Afro House Mix 2018 | The Best of Afro House 2018 by OSOCITY kxc music music


Afro House Mix 2018 | The Best of Afro House 2018 by OSOCITY

Afro House 2018 The Best of Afro House 2018! I had a great time putting together this mix for you all! The vibes were so perfect when we were recoding I hope you feel the same energy as well! This is one of my favorite spost to go to at home it just pust my mind a ease. Me and Missive D have a Song coming out next week! I Cant wait for all of you to hear it! I also have a Spotify account make sure to follow me their @OSOCITY I love you all! O's Up! See you next week!SUBSCRIBE For More Videos :)Smash That “LIKE” Button if you enjoyed this Video: Social Media | Contact :▶▶ BOOKING :▶INSTAGRAM : @OSOCITY FACEBOOK : TWITTER : @OSOCITY SNAPCHAT : @OSOCITY▶ SOUNDCLOUD : LIST : 1. Iyanya - Kukere (Lyrics)2. Shake Your Bum Bum | gidimp3.com3. P-Square - Personally4. Dj Habias Feat. Baixinho Requentado - Quadradinho 5. AFRO BROS - OI WAKKA (ORIGINAL MIX)6. Limas Do Swagg - Arrasta Esse PatoAfro-House7. C4 Pedro - African Beauty feat DJ Maphorisa (Starring Boity)8. Dj Papo Reto - Gigolô 2 20179. Neru Americano - Zaranza (Afro House) 201710. Afro Panico WolololoAfro-HouseAfroÐigital11. M.KING - Afro Magic12. Yemi Alade - Johnny13. Akuluwo

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